2016/9/26 Information 【NEW! All in one Japan device “Unlimited + Wide area 4 G Softbank”】

【NEW! All in one Japan device “Unlimited + Wide area 4 G Softbank”】
Brand new Japan device is coming.
Please try real unlimited device and make your trip more joyful!

★What’s Real unlimited★
Telecom Square HK provides unlimited data which the speed never slow down!
You can enjoy the internet everywhere and anywhere as you want during your trip.
We guarantee the network quality.


★Digital TV function
You can watch Japanese TV in Japan as you want!

◆Please scan QR code and download for using this apps to watch digital TV. 

Step 1. Take out the antenna inside the device.

Step 2. Go to home page and following the below steps.
            Set 「テレビ視聴」(vedio) as 「有効」(ON)

Step 3. Click the apps and search for channel, after searching, click「次へ」(next)

Step 4. After searching channel, you will see digital TV home page, click 「選局」(select) to choose the favorite channel.

Introduction to Digital TV home page function


1Digital TV Signal
2TV Screen
3Volume Control
4User Guide
6Chanel Name / Switch channels
7Bands Code
8Screen Enlarge /Narrow

*Using apps to watch digital TV would not affect the data usage


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