Real Japan 4G ‧ Unlimited Data ‧ Never slow down ‧ No excessive data charge

Real 4G ‧Unlimited Data


Many Japanese 4G wifieggs will limit or slow down to 3G when certain amount of data usage is reached.Wi-Ho! WiFi egg provides Japan real 4G WiFi service and guarantees unlimited 4G with no excessive data charges, so it must be your best choice among all!


We cover 99.99% of Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa with real 4G unlimited WiFi service.Prepare for the best device of your trip and click to order now!

Multi-Country Wifiegg

One Wifiegg for many countries

If your journey includes two or more countries, now you do not have
to worry about preparing multiple internet devices because Wi-Ho!
provides multi-country wifieggs which is a perfect solution for all the customers who plan to travel several nations in a trip.

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Covers over
140 countries

Economy World-wide

Covers over
100 countries

EU Multi-Country

Covers over
50 countries

Asia Multi-Country

Covers over
28 countries

Connected to the local networks of many countries

Wi-Ho! wifiegg covers more than 160 countries and has been used by more than 2,000,000 people worldwide.

We directly connected to the local networks of many countries and provide you with an
ultra-stable and most reliable WiFi service. We look forward to serve you and become
your choice for confidence.

Some of our network providers:

24-hours Technical Support Hotlines

Wi-Ho! provides 24-hours Mandarin / English / Japanese customer service
hotlines to ensure instant supports can be provided for customers all over the
world, and customers can enjoy WiFi and keep up with information

English: 03-3239 3422 (24-hours hotline)
Putonghua: 03-3239 3397 (Japan Time 7: 00-22:00)
or by Email: