Announcement of A Partnership
Agreement with WiFiBB

On the date of 1st August, 2018, Telecom Square HK Limited (Wi-Ho!) gets into a business partnership agreement with Wifipack Limited (WiFiBB) as for its Pocket Wifi rental Service.

We do appreciate your kind understanding on this initiative and continuous support for Telecom Square HK Limited together with Wifipack Limited (WiFiBB).

Please go to for further Pocket WiFi order.
Yours sincerely,
Telecom Square HK Ltd.

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由2018年8月1日起,拓世通網訊有限公司(Wi-Ho!)將與Wifipack Limited (WiFiBB) 在流動WIFI路由器租賃業務上建立合作關係。

在此再次感謝你對此變更的理解,請繼續支持拓世通網訊有限公司與Wifipack Limited (WiFiBB)。
請前往 下單租用Pocket WiFi。


  • 如對Wifi服務及優惠詳情有任何疑問,請電郵至
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Telecom Square HK Limited Removal Notice(搬遷啟事)

We are pleased to announce our office in Hong Kong will be relocated respectively, details as shown below:
(Effective from 17th August 2018)

Room 10, Flat 11-12, 12/F, Lladro Centre,
72-80 Hoi Yuen Road, KwunTong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Other contact details remain unchanged.

感謝各位一直以來的支持。本公司由2018年8 月17 日起將遷往以下地址,其他聯絡方式維持不變。